We’re on Mastodon and off Twitter

Hey folks,

We’re changing up our social media a bit.


We’ve joined Mastodon, a new-ish open source social media that Jess Mahler has been on for a bit and has recently become popular in some portions of SFF fandom and author communities. You can find us talking books and tea @cuilpress@wandering.shop


We’re also retiring our Twitter account. We won’t be deleting it entirely, but it’s become a time and spoon sink that we can’t afford, and really, Twitter just isn’t a good place anymore for a small business to reach people. Plus, we don’t like a lot of their policies.


We’re keeping Facebook as-is for now. With Twitter not being active, we’ll hopefully have the spoons to keep FB more active.


We’re looking at getting an Instagram account going. Visual images aren’t a huge part of the what a publishing company deals with, but it would be a good way to share cover art, author pics, and photos of events and such.