about cuil press
Cuil Press’ Resident Lilith

Once upon a time Lilith was kind of bummed because ze couldn’t find anything good to read. There were plenty of dashing heros and brave damsels and talking starships. But the book world was decidedly lacking in black enby rulers of the solar system, polyamory romances with disabled characters (who aren’t that fond of romance, thank you very much), and re-incarnated goddesses with chips on their shoulder from millennia of dealing with patronizing All Powerful Deities.

With nothing better to do, Lilith started writing hir own stories, which at least filled the re-incarnated goddesses with chips on their shoulder niche. But ze still wanted something to read. So ze hooked up with a couple of other authors who were sick of being told ‘books with gay, disabled, people of color won’t sell, so go write something about buff white guys, kay?’

At first the small group acted as support and cheering section for each other, but Lilith kept thinking. “I want more books like this, and I can’t be the only one!” So ze pitched an idea—let’s start a new kind of publisher. One that writes about real people, facing real problems, and not just buff white guys who fight dragons and fly starships.

So they recruited a few Cuil folk to make Cuil Press a reality.

And here we are.