LGBT Authors to Read and Support: A Good End to Pride Month

Hey all, Pride Month is just about over, but before it ends we want to share with you a few amazing LGBT authors you might not have heard of. Pick up a new book and stretch Pride Month out a bit longer!

1) Shira Glassman writes sweet romances and YA fantasy with LGBT characters.For something truly queer (or perhaps cuil), her Second Mango series is LGBT Jewish fantasy. Definitely not something you see very often.

2) Rachel Eliason writes trans coming of age stories based on her own experice, and as R.J. Eliason writes sff novels and serials. Jess recommends folks check out The Best Boy Ever Made because “Everyone needs a Grandma Becca sometimes.”

3) Octavia Butler is…. no, we aren’t getting our lists mixed up. Yes, that Octavia Butler… Well, it’s not our fault you never read her biography, now is it?

Seriously, we hesitated to include Butler because of just how over recommended she is in lists of black sff authors. But she belongs on this list too, and it’s time she got some recognition as one of the first LGBT sff best sellers.

4) Kaelan Rhywiol writes queer spec-fic romance. Ilavani is an especially out there (in a good way) series, that breaks pretty much all the tropes. Be sure to check it out.

5) Jacquelin Koyanagi is (one day!) going to write the sequel to Ascension, and when she does Jess will disappear and not return until she has devoured it. Until then, her science-fantasy queer romance is out there for anyone who is up for this level of awesome.

What are your rec’s for LGBT authors? Leave them in the comments for other folks to find!

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