Introducing #PitMasto: for Authors, Agents, and Publishers

Inspired by #pitmad, the awesome creation of Brenda Drake, we asked folks on Mastodon last week if they’d be interested in a Mastodon version of PitMad. We called it #PitMasto and were pleasantly surprised by the response.

So we’re gonna run with it. And as the people who created it, we get to lay out the ground rules. 😉

What is #PitMasto

#PitMasto is a one-day event for authors to share pitches for their finished manuscripts. You know how it’s bad form to go on social media and say “I’ve this awesome manuscript, here’s the pitch, please represent/publish me!” Well, #PitMasto is the day authors are supposed to do exactly that.  Agents and publishers who are looking to pick up a new author will follow the #PitMasto hashtag and reply or favourite pitches they like.

Now, most of the response we’ve gotten so far has been from authors who are interested in doing a #PitMasto. Mastodon is still a small-ish social media and we don’t know how many agents or publishers will be taking part. It might be just us or it might be a couple dozen folks.

When and Where

The innaugural #PitMasto will run January 15th starting at 12:01 am -500 Greenwhich (aka, US eastern time) and run for 24 hours.

It’ll take place on the Fediverse. We’re based in but we hope to be able to reach enough folks in other instances to have people from a large chuck of the Fediverse taking part.

Recommended Pitch Style

Part of the point of #PitMad is for authors to have a chance to practice their “elevator pitch.” The elevator pitch, for anyone unfamiliar, is the pitch you make for when you end up in an elevate with the agent or publisher of your dreams and only have until the doors open to convince them to look at your book.

While you are unlikely to ever ACTUALLY be in an elevator with the agent or publisher of your dreams, you may meet them at a convention, get into a discussion on social media, etc. And if you do, you’ll have a few seconds to grab their attention before they are off doing other things. (You’re one of a hundred authors whose tried to grab their attention today, they’ve got a short attention space. Don’t waste it!)

So in the spirit of the elevator pitch, we recommend keeping your pitch under 250 characters.

Make sure you tag your boost with #pitmasto and the age range  and genre(s).

Age Range:

#PB = Picture Book
#C = Children’s
#CB = Chapter Book
#CL = Children’s Lit
#MG = Middle Grade
#YA = Young Adult
#NA = New Adult
#A = Adult



Other tags worth using:

#ownvoices (remember to specify what it is #ownvoices for)

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