Last Chance to Support Inclusive and #OwnVoices Novels!

Lad Day of Cuil Press’ Crowdfunding Campaign

Today is the last day of our crowdfunding campaign. We’re $401 short of our goal and the campaign closes at midnight Pacific Time.

The Early Bird Book Lover’s perk is gone, but the regular Book Lovers perk (in 5 book and 10 book versions) is still available. There are also 2 original short stories up for grabs and some cover-art related perks.

Grab them while you have the chance!

But Priorities Matter

That said–every day we see folks who are trying to raise money to keep from being homeless or to pay for necessary medical expense. Folks who need any money they can get to be able to survive.  Because we believe in community, we recognize that direct need takes priority. We have raised enough to do most of what we need to do & can figure out the rest. So if you don’t have enough extra to grab a perk and help the folks in need, we’d rather you choose to help alleviate an emergency.

For a bit of fun

Rather than going into all the reasons you should give your money to us and other folks who need it (which you totally should!) we’re doing a meme dump. Have a look, have a laugh. (and then donate 😉


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