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We have about a week left in our IndieGoGo campaign. So far we’ve raised $693 of our $1500 goal.

We’ve had a good run, and we’re immensely grateful to everyone who has supported so far, unfortunately we’re unlikely right now to make our goal.

But that doesn’t mean we are ready to give up.

We’re barely $300 away from raising $1000. That would cover our two biggest expenses for the year–ISBNs (basically special barcodes for books) and supplies for our cover artist.

We raised $300 in the first two DAYS of this campaign. With your help, we can easily raise $300 in one week.

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Crowdfunding Recap

Cuil Press is a new publishing company offering diverse and inclusive sci-fi/fantasy and romance novels with a focus on #ownvoices books. For readers, we offer inclusive fiction that avoids the clichés and repetitive storylines of so much genre fiction. For authors, we offer a supportive and enthusiastic team who will get it to market without asking you to make it appeal to mainstream readers. This crowdfunding campaign is to cover our first year’s expenses so we can hit the ground running.

About Cuil Press

Why We’re Here

Lilith was kind of bummed because she couldn’t find anything good to read. The book world was decidedly lacking in black enby rulers of the solar system, polyamory romances with disabled characters, and re-incarnated goddesses with chips on their shoulder from millennia of dealing with patronizing All Powerful Deities.

So, ze wrote hir own stories. But ze still wanted something to read. Ze hooked up with a couple of other authors who were sick of being told ‘books with gay, disabled, people of color won’t sell, so go write something about buff white guys, kay?’

Lilith pitched an idea—let’s start a new kind of publisher. One that writes about real people, facing real problems.

They recruited a few other Cuil folk—

And here we are.

Our Plans

Our first books, scheduled for publication in January, is a polyamorous, kinky, aromantic fantasy “romance” that explores the meaning of family and being furniture. We’re currently accepting short stories for Tumblr-inspired anthology that will be released next spring and unsolicited novel-length manuscripts.

We want to start out releasing a book about every two months and eventually expand our team and production schedule to be releasing 2 or 3 books  a month.

Paying Forward

The Cuil Press Paying Forward program is a way for us and our authors (and readers) to give “forward” to support organizations that are working directly to make the world a better play.

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