Cuil Press Paying Forward

Here at Cuil Press we believe it is everyone’s responsibility to work to make the world a better place. We also believe publishing and promoting inclusive and diverse stories is one way to do that. If we didn’t believe in the power of the pen to create change, we wouldn’t be here. 😉

But there are lots of ways to work for change. And sometimes more direct work is needed.

The Cuil Press Paying Forward Program

Cuil Press has chosen to support several non-profit organizations working to make a difference in the world.

10% of our profits from each book sale will go to a non-profit organization. Our current list of supported non-profit organizations is:

Mariposas Sin Fronteras

Safety Pin Box

Sankofa Collective Northwest


Autistic Woman’s Network

We will be offering support to additional non-profit organizations in time. Our goal is to donate regularly to about 10 organizations covering a broad range of issues and needs.

How Cuil Press Paying Forward Works

We will be offering our authors to option to donate 10% of their royalties to one of these organizations. We will donate 10% of our profits from their book sales to the same organization the author chooses to support. If they don’t choose to donate 10% of their royalties, we will take 10% of our profits and split it among the various organizations we are supporting.

If authors later change their mind about we will change the donations for their book(s) up to once a year.

We are reaching out to each of the organizations we will be supporting, both to let them know we will be supporting them and to find the best way to send them regular donations.

Cuil Press’ crowdfunding campaign is running through October 15th. Please help us so we can help others.

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