22 Days to Go! Help Us Get Into the InDemand Program

We have 22 days left in our crowdfunding campaign. So far we’ve raised $613 so we have $887 left to meet our goal.

We’re trying to raise $1500 to cover our minimum first year expenses. That includes the IBSNs (bar codes) for our books, art supplies for our cover artist, our webhosting, and a few other things.

If we can reach our goal by October 15th, we’ll be able to take part in IndieGoGo’s InDemand program, which will allow us to raise money for our stretch goals.

A Secret Perk

We’re offering several Perks, including two levels of Book Lovers perks. The $20 Book Lover perk gets you copies of our first 5 ebooks. The $39 Book Lover perk gets you copies of our first 10 ebooks.

For this week, we’re offering a secret perk to folks who read and follow our blog.

The secret Discounted Book Lover perk will get you the same 5 books as the $20 Book Lovers, but for $15.

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