Updates and Where We’re At

Publishing Schedule

We’re hard at work getting our first book ready. The Bargain by Jess Mahler is tentative scheduled for publication in January of 2018. We’re also laying plans for a short story anthology and a novel by Michon Neal.

Look for an announcement of the anthology theme and call for submissions next week.

We’ve had a few manuscript submissions and are looking for more.


So far our crowdfunding campaign has raised $563 or 38% of our $1500 goal.

Sicknesses and a cross country move also kept us from properly promoting our crowdfunding campaign the past couple weeks. So we’re behind where we had hoped to be right now, but still making progress.

As of this writing, there are 2 Early Bird Book Lover perks left. If you want our first 10 books for 30% less than retail, get it now!

New Newsletter

We’re setting up a newsletter for folks who want inside info on our books and publishing schedule. Newsletter sign ups will start next week, so keep an eye on our blog and social media if you are interested.

Newsletters will be irregular at first, and include exclusive information on upcoming books, crowdfunding perks, author interviews, and more.

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