We Have Two Weeks to Get 55 More Supporters!

Hey folks! We’ve got a bit more than 2 weeks until our Thunderclap activates. If we don’t have 100 people signed up to help our social media shout-out by then, the shout-out doesn’t happen.

Cuil Press thunderclap

Here’s the story—

Cuil Press is looking to sink our roots deep so we have the resources to grow strong. We’re launching an IndieGoGo Campaign to make that happen.

We will be offering diverse and inclusive sci-fi/fantasy and romance novels with a focus on #ownvoices authors. For readers, we offer a different type of fiction that avoids the cliches and repetitive storylines of so much genre fiction. For authors, we offer a supportive and enthusiastic team who will get it to market without asking you to appeal to mainstream readers.

This Thunderclap campaign is a way to tell a wider audience about our crowdfunding. When you sign on for this Thunderclap you are lending your voice so your friends and followers on social media can learn about Cuil Press and our crowdfunding. This lets us reach people we could never reach on our own and will hopefully give a strong start to our crowdfunding.

We currently have reached 45% of our Thunderclap goal. We need 55 more people to make our social media shout-out happen.

Sign up today to lend your voice and help us be heard.

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