Our Speculative Fiction MSWL

speculative fiction MSWLWhile we focus on science fiction and fantasy, Cuil Press is open to all forms of speculative fiction. Horror isn’t our usual thing, but we’re open to horror submissions that meet our other criteria, and cross genre horror that overlaps with romance or other forms of spec fic.

As always, ditch the “No!” tropes, but also look for other ways to shake up the expectations. There’s enough fantasy with evil Drow and greedy dwarves. Enough sci-fi societies that are creative re-creations of England during the Age of Sail.

If you want to do “Age of Sail in spaceships” we’d love to see a retelling of the voyages of Admiral Cheng. Or Ching Shih in space ships.

Sword & Soul and Steamfunk always welcome as are similar genres from Asia and the Americas.

And again, cross genre is awesome. Ching Shih in steam-driven space ships can totally be a thing.

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