Cuil Press Thunderclap: Help us create inclusive fiction

help create inclusive fictionWant to see more inclusive fiction? Sign up to help create inclusive fiction with our Thunderclap campaign.

Thunderclap is a crowdspeaking platform. Like a social media flashmob, everyone who signs up for a Thunderclap campaign shares the same social media message at the same time to help make sure the message isn’t drowned out in the endless flow of Tweets and posts.

Cuil Press is using Thunderclap to spread the word about our crowdfunding campaign. We’re going to be raising money to cover our first year expenses. By signing up for our Thunderclap you will help us get the word out about our crowdfunding. Our hope is that with a large enough Thunderclap our crowdfunding campaign will have a strong start and build momentum quickly.

So please sign up for our Thunderclap, and
help us create inclusive fiction.

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