Character Sketch: Trevor Frederickson / Ma’evoto Littlesun

Name: Trevor Frederickson / Ma’evoto Littlesun

Story: How NOT to Save the World

Author: Jess Mahler

Find it: Free as a webserial on

#ownvoices for: PTSD, bi/pan sexuality, polyamory, D/s

About Trever/Ma’evoto:

Trevor was born Ma’evoto Littlesun of the Cheyenne. In his late 20s he had a vision quest which inspired him to try conquering the world. He took the name Trevor Frederickson to make it easier to hide from the authorities. Somewhat to his surprise, he succeeded, largely thanks to the help of the magical community.

With the help of the dragon Lu Jiang Wu and kabbalist Deborah , he is consolidating his power. He has two years to prepare the world for a threat it never imagined.

He’s a power hungry bastard, but he’s going to save the world. That counts for something, right?

Now if only he could stop his kid from sneaking out at night…


He’s average height with a bit of a paunch, but has solid muscle under the fat. Brown skin, dark brown eyes, and straight black hair reflect his Cheyenne heritage, but his bone structure comes more from his Irish maternal grandfather. These days he dresses to be seen, in the latest mainstream fashions and materials. Unless he’s expecting a fight (and sometimes even then) he wears skirts and leaves his long hair loose. When he’s expecting a fight he braids his hair and wears pants for greater mobility. His only jewelry is a braided ring that symbolizes his relationship with Wu and a silver bracelet with three cougars circling the band.


In his quest for world domination he has lost all his family except for Wu and his child. His father still lives and is a member of the First Tribe’s Council. Now that he’s come out of hiding, he expects to hear from his father soon—a meeting he both longs for and dreads.

About How NOT to Save the World:

They are a plucky band of rebels, fighting against a tyrant who overthrew the rightful government and is supported by an army of monsters. The only problem? They think they’re the good guys.

They are family, grandmother and granddaughter. Students of Kabbalah in a world where someone could really create the Golem of Prague. They are done sitting back while injustice takes place around them. The only problem? They’re on opposite sides.

They’re just a kid, trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in this crazy world their father just took over. And their new mentor is trying to kill their father. The only problem? Everything!

They are coming to usher humanity into a new galactic society. They have the best of intentions, amazing technology to sell us, and know exactly what will fix all our problems. The only problem? If someone doesn’t stop them, they are going to destroy the world.

He has a prophecy foretelling his success, a dragon sidekick, and plans for the biggest battle station ever built. He’s going to save the world. The only problem? He’s the bad guy.

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