We Are Publishing #Ownvoices Novels

Hey authors,

I was looking at our Twitter feed today and I was kind bummed. We don’t exactly have much there, you know? And it got me thinking about how we look to you. A new publishing company without a single book out. No rep, no resume, our social media is just getting started.

We don’t look like we have much to offer, do we?

That’s going to change. We’re gearing up slowly, because we want what we build to last. But for now, yeah, it doesn’t look like much.

We get that. We get that we need to prove ourselves. To show that we know what we are doing, that we can make your book shine AND make the sales. Just like every other publisher.

But we do have something else we can offer right now. Something specifically for authors of #ownvoices novels.

We understand.

Michon, our Lead Link (think CEO) and Lilith, started Cuil Press because ze wanted more #ownvoices books. Ze has self published hir books, using hir #ownvoice to write characters that reflect hir experiences as a black, queer, intersex, disabled, non-binary person.

And to start Cuil Press, ze recruited some folks who could all tell #ownvoices stories or create #ownvoices art. All of us are in some way marginalized, denied our voices and representation by a mainstream society that doesn’t want to hear us.

We know many of you have been told the same. Told that your #ownvoices novel is too ethnic. Or that readers won’t relate to your disabled characters. Or that you can have a character who is black or queer, but not a black, queer protagonist.

And if you are spoonie and have trouble meeting deadlines, we understand. Many spoonie authors have lost contracts because they couldn’t meet deadlines or have been afraid to try for a contract because of deadlines. We can work with you. We can’t do without deadlines entirely, but we can be flexible, we can reschedule things. As long as you can keep us informed of what is going on, we can adjust deadlines and plans to meet your needs.

We are looking for #ownvoices novels. We will be publishing adult fantasy, science fiction, and romance. We welcome diverse books from authors who are not writing #ownvoices fiction, but our priority, our focus is #ownvoices.

One day we will have the book catalog, the proud list of best sellers, the social media accounts with thousands of followers. We aren’t going to stop until we do.

But on that day this will still be the thing that sets us apart. #ownvoices

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