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We’re a new publisher, still in start-up phase, specializing in inclusive speculative fiction and romance.

We plan to release our first book in January 2018 and are currently accepting manuscripts.

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This campaign is to fund the first year expenses forĀ Cuil Press, a new publisher that will specialize in diverse and #ownvoices genre fiction. The publishing industry does not welcome non-mainstream work. Too many authors have been told their stories are “too ethnic” or “unrelatable” to mainstream readers or that a character could be part of only one minority group. We want to change that.

We are a small team, Jess, Michon and Michelle, with a lot of experience. We’ve written and published books, worked as editors and marketers, organized communities and gone to art school. Between the three of us we’ve done a bit of everything.

In time, we hope to release multiple books each month, in ebook and audio format.

So please head over to our campaign page, pick a perk, and help us create inclusive fiction!


Kalonymus ben Kalonymus: Transgender History Gets a Pat on the Head

Who was Kalonymus ben Kalonymus? In Provencal in the 14th Century a child was born to the Kalonymus family, a well known and highly respected Jewish family. The child was examined and someone declared “It’s a boy!” and named Kalonymus ben Kalonymus (Kalonymus son of Kalonymus). And so history has recorded “him” ever since. The …

Our Books

We plan to start putting out books in January 2018. Check back for updates!